Budget Form

Please use this Budget Form the instructions are as follows:

Spreadsheet Instructions

1.  Enter line items in categories where appropriate.  (See attached "Instructions" for guidance in completing the budget and budget narrative.)
Enter line items that relate to your program in categories such as Stipends, Travel, Supplies, Other Operating Costs, etc.
There are additional rows that are hidden if you need more than what is shown.  Please unhide the rows rather than create them so that the formulas
will remain accurate.

2.  Enter budget amounts in the YDG Grant or Grantee Share columns.

Only enter amounts in black cells. Red cells denote formulas.  Please do not make any entries in red cells so the formulas remain accurate.

3.  Enter a narrative for each line item in the cell located on the same row of that line item and provide the calculation in equation format. For example, $50 in supplies for 100 days.
Use only one narrative cell per line item.  Type as much information in that cell to completely describe the budget for that line item.
For cells that have lengthy narratives, you will have to widen the "row" so that it reveals all of the text of that cell.

4.  Complete the Source of Funds Section.

You will need to list all revenue sources and classify each amount as either Cash Contributions, In-kind Contributions, or Other Funding.
Once all of the revenue sources and their related amounts have been entered, the Source of Funds Total and the Grantee Share Budget Totals should match.
You will also need to classify each revenue source as State, Local, Federal, or Other.  Please note you may use other Federal funds with approval from that agency.